Specialization Keynotes Operations of Supervising Engineer Units

Issue 10 and Volume 110.

Specialization Keynotes Operations of Supervising Engineer Units A detailed analysis and description of the duties and operations of New York’s Supervising Engineer Company No. 1 In Part I, Captain Ryan explained the organization and background of the New York Fire Department’s Supervising Engineer Company No. 1, and listed some of the many diversified applications of its cumulative talents, such as in the testing and operation of fire apparatus, use of sprinkler systems, dewatering, and miscellaneous tasks. In this concluding article, he takes his readers further into the duties and responsibilities of this highly essential entity. OFFICER PERSONNEL of the supervising engineer unit not only are associated with three of the schools of the fire college but conduct an extensive field training program, as well. Until recently unit officers were assigned as the only instructors in the motor and pump operators’ school, which trains members of the rank of fireman in…

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