California Standardizes Hose Coupling Threads

Issue 10 and Volume 110.

California Standardizes Hose Coupling Threads The State of California began a program of standardizing all 1 1/2-inch hose coupling threads in July of this year when Governor Goodwin J. Knight signed into law Assembly Bill No. 2755. All 214inch hose couplings in California have had National Standard threads since 1932. The hill makes an appropriation to the State Fire Marshal to procure and make available to fire departments the necessary tools for converting existing threaded fittings to the National Standard lire hose thread.* A five year period is provided for making the conversion. It also author- izes the State Eire Marshal to make such changes as may be necessary to standardize all existing fire protection equipment. The State Health and Safety Code, Section 13028, makes it a misdemeanor, subject to fine and/or imprisonment, for a person to sell or offer for sale any fire apparatus or equipment having threaded connections…

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