With F. E.’s Correspondents

Issue 10 and Volume 110.

With F. E.’s Correspondents Actually his name is William Paul Babcock. But to his buddies in the fire service he has always been “Babby.” FIRE ENGINEERING has known him for ‘nigh on to 50 years,— much of that time as a “contributor,” and some of the time—from 1936 to 1940 to be exact—as the author of a regular column feature headed “The Cover.” Babby was born in Nyack in 1883. He can’t remember when he didn’t “follow the engines.” It was only natural that he should gravitate to the fire service, after several years hitch as inspector for a fire insurance company. Early in his career Babby developed a yen for salvage and fire prevention, to which he dedicated his every effort—without hope ol reward. We understand he won his captaincy as a Nyack volunteer. He ultimately became inspector-in-charge, fire prevention department of the Village of Nyack, which post he…

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