Death From TV Antenna

Issue 10 and Volume 110.

Death From TV Antenna Alfred Hook, longtime resident of the Walla Walla, Wash., area, was instantly killed by electrocution and his helper was seriously burned early last spring, while attempting to erect a 30-foot mast, 10-element television antenna on a home located about five miles west of the city. According to Pacific Power and Light Company spokesmen and Walla Walla electrical officials, the victim was using a No. 14 wire for a ground connection. It is thought that his TV line was apparently connected to this ground wire. The power company spokesmen stated that it was their belief that the television antenna had touched the first phase of a 12,000-volt feeder line and had bounced through the other two phases and on to neutral. An employee of the power company, looking for a failure in the service near the disaster area, noticed the trouble and the building fire shortly after…

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