Boston Launches Radiological Program

Issue 11 and Volume 110.

Boston Launches Radiological Program First of its kind in N England, program interests public and fire fighters NOTHING SIGNALIZES the wide gap that separates the fire service of a generation ago from that of today as much as the introduction of nuclear fission and radioactive contaminants into the scheme of things. Today’s fire fighters are entering upon, in fact have already crossed, the threshold of an era that beggars the wildest imagination. One is almost afraid to dream about what it will be like a generation hence. Meanwhile, even though the mysteries of these products of the atomic age have not fully been plumbed, so far as their relation to the business of fire suppression is concerned, it is encouraging to observe that no undue time is being lost in forewarning the fire fighters of some of our “target cities” of the hazards that lie in wait for them through…

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