Armstrong Cork Adopts Training-by-Doing

Issue 11 and Volume 110.

Armstrong Cork Adopts Training-by-Doing DANGER FROM FIRES has been greatly minimized at Armstrong Cork Company’s huge floor plant in Lancaster, Pa., through development of a highly efficient fire brigade training program. Throughout the year, members of the fire brigade are given instruction in the latest fire fighting methods and equipment and every spring or early summer they are taken outside for field training— practice in putting out actual fires through methods they have studied. This training program, which has been a potent force in preventing fires and quickly confining those few that do break out, was developed by Company Safety Manager Amos Keen and D. M. Essick, assistant manager of training, education and plant personnel administration. Similar programs, although on a smaller scale, are carried on at Armstrong’s 17 other plants. Field training, the most colorful part of the program, is handled by the plant fire marshal or the fire…

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