Prospect and Retrospect

Issue 12 and Volume 110.

Prospect and Retrospect Comes that time of the year when the Fire Service pauses to take stock, and to weigh gains against losses in the never-ending war on destructive fire, and insofar as possible, to foretell future developments. As for FIRE ENGINEERING, it is good to record that this, FIRE ENGINEERING’S 80th Year, has been outstanding as the biggest and best in history. We like to believe this progress mirrors that of the Fire Service. For the Service can report progress during 1957. Perhaps that progress, measured by reduction of life and property losses from fire, isn’t all that the service would like. But if it hasn’t made great strides in this respect, it has at least held the line on most fronts. If the problems of manpower and equipment shortage have not been solved, at least the service has shown improvement in its use of available facilities. If it…

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