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Issue 2 and Volume 111.

Book Shelf A HISTORY OF THE BRITISH FIRE SERVICE by G. V. Blackstone, Chief Officer of the Hertfordshire Brigade. Published by Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., Broadway House, 68-74 Carter Lane, London EC-4, England; 26 chapters; 484 pages with numerous illustrations, many in color; Price 60s net. The story of the British Fire Service from 400 A.D. to 1957. It starts with the Vigiles, splendidly equipped firemen of Imperial Rome, traces the growth of the National Fire Service of World War II and the modern county and county-borough fire brigades. The work of British firemen in the 1940-41 air raids is detailed. This carefully documented, beautifully printed volume is a brilliant contribution to the bibliography of the literature of the world’s fire protection forces.

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