Rule of Thumb vs Slide Rule

Issue 2 and Volume 111.

Rule of Thumb vs Slide Rule Science has come into the fire service. Rule-of-thumb methods have given way to the slide rule. Efficiency is getting to be the order of the day in fire fighting, as it is in the conduct of business and industry. Modern fire fighters no longer pattern their fire suppression tactics and techniques after those of their forefathers. The risks and hazards of this chemical-electronicatomic-space era cannot be met with yesterday’s policies, plans or procedures — or yesterday’s fire fighting facilities. Nor can a publication which serves today’s fire fighters think and create in terms of the past. There must be efficiency in publishing no less than in fire protection. Standards in the business publishing field are changing for the better no less than fire department standards. Many of our readers tell us they have noticed this change in FIRE ENGINEERING. AS one expressed it: I…

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