Issue 2 and Volume 111.

THE JUMPING PAD From Vienna Comes a New Idea in Life Saving Devices — The following data is an abbreviated translation of a story which appeared in the German publication Brandschutz dated August 15, 1957, captioned “Das Sprungpolster” and which is quoted with the permission of the publishers. In his explanation of how the jumping pad originated, the author emphasized the fact that jumping sheets or cloths, as they are termed abroad, require at least 16 men to hold them when catching a person jumping from a normal or average height (we assume not over 40 feet) and points out what nearly all firemen know that it is difficult to collect the requisite number of men to hold a jumping sheet—or as in this country, a life net — when they are needed. — The Editor. FROM VIENNA, AUSTRIA, by way of Germany, comes a new idea in the development…

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