Santa Monica Initiates 60-Hour Work Week

Issue 4 and Volume 111.

Santa Monica Initiates 60-Hour Work Week Sonta Monica F. D. photo by Chief McDade A THREE-PLATOON, 60-hour work week was instituted by the Santa Monica, Calif., Fire Department on July 1, 1957. The new system is the result of a twoyear experiment in which three chief officers participated. The assignment worked so well it was decided the whole department could be improved by its adoption, both in lessening the work week and in more efficient use of manpower. Among other advantages, the new system permits one-third of the personnel to be on vacation at one time, which means the entire department may take vacations during the summertime when schools are out and vacation resorts provide fullest opportunities. Efficiency and administration are improved in that: 1. No day-off scheduling is required and minimum shuffling of men is necessary; 2. With very little exception the same officer and crew trains and works…

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