Newark Uses Aerial Ladders as Emergency Radio Towers

Issue 4 and Volume 111.

Newark Uses Aerial Ladders as Emergency Radio Towers IN KEEPING WITH THE FIRE SERVICE philosophy of being prepared for any emergency the Newark, N. J., Fire Department has equipped three of its aerial ladders with special antennas for possible use of the apparatus as radio base stations. In case of failure of the fire department radio base station, any one of the three units may be placed in service in a very short time in order that the mighty important radio communications be maintained. Under the leadership of Fire Director James T. Owens and Chief Engineer Harry J. Sommers, the program to sustain continuous communications by this means was conceived and directed. Superintendent Arthur J. Moore, division of fire alarm and radio, in cooperation with engineers of the New Jersey Bell Telephone Company, worked out the plan to capitalize on the use of the aerial ladders. Operates on 154-13 mc…

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