Panacea for the Dump Fire Headache

Issue 6 and Volume 111.

Panacea for the Dump Fire Headache The old, painful, costly procedure of seeking and soaking deep-seated fires in dumps gives way to a new, more efficient, economical Method —All photos courtesy Rockwood Sprinkler Co. IN COMMON WITH MANY CITIES of comparable size, East Providence has for many years experienced complex problems with that well-known “bug-a-boo,” the city dump fire. But now, with the development of modern scientific fire fighting equipment, we believe the problem is solved. In one section of the city, within a quarter mile of a high-value residential district and bordering on a heavily traveled main traffic artery, the city dump nestles in an old stone quarry covering a three-acre area. The depth of debris in the dump ranges from 2 to 40 feet and contains just about everything imaginable including paper rubbish, old tanks, auto bodies, pianos, refrigerators, huge tree stumps and trunks, old lumber, large sections…

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