World-Wide Fire News

Issue 6 and Volume 111.

World-Wide Fire News DEPARTMENTS 1,288 Survive Ship Fire A Norwegian passenger ship, the “Skaubryn” en route from Bremerhaven, Germany to Freemantle, Australia, with nearly 1,300 persons aboard was gutted by an explosion and fire on March 31 while on the high seas in the Indian Ocean. The ship’s captain said an apparent “misunderstanding” between two crew members in the engine room caused oil from an open line to spurt on hot exhaust pipes. The flames at first were confined to the engine room but in a little more than an hour the entire ship was on fire. By that time all passengers were in boats and in the clear. Smoke and flames became so had that the two radio operators sending out distress signals had to stand outside their cabin and operate their sets by reaching through a porthole. The passengers had participated in a life boat drill only a…

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