Some Properties of Laminated Wood Ladders

Issue 10 and Volume 111.

Some Properties of Laminated Wood Ladders Fire officers have expressed interest in the characteristics and behavior of laminated wood aerial ladders as compared with the widely used solid beam wood types. In an effort to help clarify some misunderstandings which persist on the subject, FIRE ENGINEERING is pleased to bring its readers the following opinions of an acknowledged expert, Mr. Hubert Walker, manager, Motor Fire Apparatus Sales Engineering, American LaFrance Corporation. THE USE OF LAMINATED WOOD BEAMS for an aerial ladder is not of recent origin. Since about 1870 when aerial ladders were introduced to the fire service, most of the ladders were constructed with the main beams of the butt section and fly sections of Douglas Fir. The majority had solid beams of Douglas Fir, but for many years the main beams on the butt section of one leading aerial ladder were of the laminated type. Generally the beam…

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