Esso Trains Industrial and Municipal Fire Fighters

Issue 10 and Volume 111.

Esso Trains Industrial and Municipal Fire Fighters INDUSTRIAL FIRE FIGHTING and training to meet specialized requirements has become an increasingly important adjunct to many manufacturers. Because of the hazardous nature of the processes involved in their installations, more and more companies maintain organized fire brigades for immediate protection purposes. Typical of these is the huge Bayway Refinery of the Esso Standard Oil Company at Linden, N. J. In order to train its employees in emergency fire fighting, the company has built a training site on the refinery grounds. It is used for initial ‘rookie’ training of the brigade fire fighters as well as for in-service and refresher training. It is also used for familiarization training of company engineers and employees whose duties require their working in and around the refinery equipment. The latter may be called upon in emergency to assist the plant brigade in fighting a serious fire. The…

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