the round table

Issue 10 and Volume 111.

the round table discussion of current fire department and fire management problems The Use Of Portable Radios THIS IS THE FINAL installment of the Round Table on the use of portable radio equipment. Next month’s question will be devoted to the use of insignia to denote rank, length of service, branch of service, etc. Readers are invited to submit comments on next month’s subject, as well on the current one. Address replies to Round Table Editor, FIRE ENGINEERING, 305 East 45th Street, New York 17, N. Y. The Discussion Joseph R. Lussier, Chief, Somerset, Mass.: We have two portable radio units whicli operate on a fire department frequency of 153.95 mcs. One unit is assigned to the fire department officer-in-command. The other would usually be used by the officer inside the fire building or in the rear of it. One unit is carried on the first-due engine, and one on…

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