F.C.C. Approves Change In Bridgeport Frequency

Issue 11 and Volume 111.

F.C.C. Approves Change In Bridgeport Frequency The Bridgeport, Conn., Fire Department will change its present fire radio frequency because of interference from the Borough of Richmond in New York. A request by fire officials in that city to purchase 100 new crystals for present radio equipment in order to allow the sets to receive and transmit on the new channel has been approved by the Board of Public Purchases. The Federal Communications Commission approved the change from 155.19 me to 153.77 inc after a survey was made of the latter frequency by Superintendent of Fire Alarms Maurice Farrell and the Mobile Communications Company, of Bridgeport. On the present radio frequency, the same one used by certain units of the New York Fire Department, alarms of fires for the Borough of Richmond, and other radio traffic for that area, have been causing “overlap” interference because the New York transmitter is of…

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