Industrial Brush Truck for Hanford Atomic Plant

Issue 11 and Volume 111.

Industrial Brush Truck for Hanford Atomic Plant The fire brigade at the Hanford Atomic Products Operation, located at Richland, Wash., and operated for the Atomic Energy Commission by the General Electric Co., designed the body of the tankerbrush truck shown in the illustration. The primary purpose of the apparatus is to combat sagebrush fires within the 600 square miles of the premises. The climate of the area is semi-arid, the terrain sandy and rugged with heavy growths of sage and cheat grass. The brush fire season runs from approximately April 15 through September 15 with humidity as low as 5 per cent. The chassis of the unit is an Army M-41, 5-ton cargo model with 14.00 x 20 high flotation tires and power steering. Its rated performance includes the ability to climb a 50 per cent off-highway grade in lowest gear and reach a highway speed of 59 mph. It…

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