. . . Radio Alarm System for Volunteers

Issue 11 and Volume 111.

. . . Radio Alarm System for Volunteers Connecticut firemen alerted by tone signals and home receivers WOLCOTT, CONN., recently installed FM radio receivers in the homes of its volunteer firemen as a means of overcoming problems previously associated with the public alarm system. The electronic method of transmitting alarms was chosen following an investigation of all systems in common use and a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each. The handicaps faced by the Wolcott Fire Department are similar to those of many comparable departments throughout the volunteer fire service. The community’s terrain is rolling and rocky. Homes are widespread and the three stations separated by considerable distances. Alarm could not be heard Many of the members could not hear the public alarm during periods of high wind or when inside their homes. The latter problem was more acute during the winter when storm windows were in use.…

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