WHAT’S NEW Among the Manufacturers

Issue 11 and Volume 111.

WHAT’S NEW Among the Manufacturers DEPARTMENTS products processes personalities New C-O-Two Marine Systems A series of C-O-Two “packaged” marine fire extinguishing systems, available in sizes from 10 to 75-pound capacity, is now being marketed by The Fvr-Fyter Company, 221 Crane Street, Dayton 3, Ohio, through all Pyrene C-O-Two, Buffalo and Fyr-Fyter outlets. The units are designed to protect motor boats, cabin cruisers, small auxiliary craft, and party fishing boats in compliance with new Coast Guard regulations. All cylinders are equipped with a new valve that accelerates discharge rate and a non-electric rate-of-rise release triggered by a new type of heat-actuated detector. A free eight-page brochure containing specifications and price information may be obtained by writing the company. Electronic Siren-Amplifier A transistorized 20-watt audio amplifier designed for use as a public address system or an electronic siren has been developed by General Electric’s Communication Products Department, Electronics Park, Syracuse, N. Y.…

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