World-Wide Fire News

Issue 11 and Volume 111.

World-Wide Fire News DEPARTMENTS Army Expert Has Rocket Jitters Another government official who is a bit jittery over hazards associated with nuclear energy and rocketry, is Lt. Col. Charles M. Parkin of Fort Belvoir, Va. Col. Parkin, who has had considerable publicity in connection with the promotion of scientific—note that “scientific”— rocketry among juveniles, is quite perturbed over the reaction of his promotional efforts. This reaction is expressed in fan mail of a dangerous kind. “Some of the kids apparently think nothing of tucking into their letters enough solid rocket fuel to render me of no service whatsoever to anybody,” says the colonel. The mail began pouring in to Parkin at the Fort several months ago after some magazine articles and TV demonstrations tabbed him as the key man in the Army’s cooperative effort with smallfry missilemen. Appealing to the youngsters to omit the fuel samples from their mail. Parkin…

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