Questions and Answers

Issue 11 and Volume 111.

Questions and Answers DEPARTMENTS Defines “Hypergolic” To The Editor: What does the term “Hypergolic” as used in “A Survey of Rocket Propellants,” August FIRE ENGINEERING, refer to? C. N. Answer: Hypergolic is a new term which describes a phenomena of two substances which when brought together immediately burst into flame. In the article referred to the authors state, “Hypergolicity is the characteristic of spontaneous ignition on contact of a fuel and an oxidizer.” An Explanation A recent solution appearing in this column entitled “Finding Length of Line,” September issue, page 874, caused a flurry of letters and telephone calls to the editor concerning variations of methods and answers. All of the correspondents noted that two answers were possible, depending on the method of solution selected, and wished to call attention to the apparent discrepancy. The problem stated: “A pumper is operating at a pressure of 204 psi through a 2…

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