Issue 11 and Volume 111.

FALSE ALARMS DEPARTMENTS The hillbilly father was furious. “Which one of you pushed the outhouse into the creek?” he demanded. “Me, paw,” spoke up one of his sons. “Wal, boy, come into the woodshed. I’m gonna tan your hide good.” “But, paw,” protested the son, “George Washington’s paw didn’t lick him when he told the truth.” “Maybe not,” replied the father, “but when George Washington cut down that cherry tree, his old man wasn’t settin’ in the branches!” A young fireman in love with a nightclub entertainer hired a detective agency to check up on her. He received the following report: “The young lady has an excellent reputation. Her past is without blemish. Snc has many friends of good social standing. The only scandal associated with her is that she has often been seen lately with a fireman of questionable character.” A Hollywood film actress was applying for a passport.…

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