Let’s Identify Our Hazardous Materials

Issue 1 and Volume 112.

Let’s Identify Our Hazardous Materials For Safety’s Sake Director of Safety and Fire Protection Union Carbide Chemicals Company THE HFALTH HAZARD, flammability and instability of many solids, liquids and gases—and the great increase in the use of these new materials—requires that a simple, uniform identification system be promptly adopted. The foundation, upon which such a system may be built, has already been laid. The problem has been studied; the need certified; and a method, based on sound principles of education and communication of ideas, has been devised. The work was originally started in 1953 by the Sectional Committee on Classification, Labeling and Properties of Flammable Liquids of the National Fire Protection Association, later renamed the “Committee on Fire Hazards of Materials.” A study of the problem at broad range to establish the need and scope for such a classification system brought to light some very interesting facts: At least 15…

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