Radiation Hazards in Fire Fighting

Issue 2 and Volume 112.

Radiation Hazards in Fire Fighting This article is condensed from a paper delivered by the author at the 29th Annual Firemen’s Training School, Texas A & M College, July 1958. Much of the material is taken from the three-day course provided to fire department instructors by the Atomic Energy Commission. For these courses the Commission has been officially commended by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and Francis I. Brannigan, safety engineer and coordinator of the training presentations, received the Training Officers Conference Award for outstanding service. All illustrations are from the AEC.—Editor THE DEVELOPMENT of atomic energy has produced radioactive materials which arc providing and will continue to provide benefit to mankind. At the same time atomic energy presents many hazards. Most people arc quite confused about these hazards; some try to ignore them while others tend to overemphasize them. In years to come atomic energy will extend to…

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