Chicago Coroner’s Jury Makes Recommendations

Issue 2 and Volume 112.

Chicago Coroner’s Jury Makes Recommendations The special jury impaneled by Chicago Coroner Walter McCarron, following the recent Our Lady of the Angels School fire, has made 21 specific recommendations concerning Chicago’s school fire safety and, in addition, suggested nine “recommended good practices.” The recommendations include: Install approved automatic sprinklers in all schools and equip systems with water flow detectors and alarm devices. Enclose all vertical passageways with incombustible construction. Remove all over-door transoms or replace transom glass with wiredglass and nail shut. Install automatic-operating building alarm systems which will alert school occupants and the fire department. Extend public fire alarm system to all schools. In locales where there is no city fire alarm system, a conspicuously marked alarm control or a fire telephone should be placed at the school entrance and connected directly to the fire department over leased telephone lines. First-alarm apparatus and manpower response to all school alarms.…

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