How plastics are made

Issue 3 and Volume 112.

How plastics are made PART II Additional background information on plastics as they affect the fire service Courtesy United States Rubber Company WHILE PLASTICS are vital to our defense program, and have contributed immeasurably to the ease and comfort of our daily lives, newspaper reports and correspondence from fire fighters indicate that, at times, these materials have made fire extinguishment more difficult. These two aspects of the nation’s fastest growing industry prompt us to seek an answer to the question, “Are plastics a boon or a bane?” In the February issue of FIHE ENGINEEHINC, we attempted to define plastics. As one writer on the subject has noted, “Plastics is a complicated material and even technical experts differ as to its exact definition.” The Society of the Plastics Industry gives as a generally accepted definition, “any one of a large and varied group of materials consisting wholly or in part of…

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