Glasgow Keeps Its Street Fire Alarm System

Issue 3 and Volume 112.

Glasgow Keeps Its Street Fire Alarm System Writing on means of calling the fire brigade, Firemaster Martin Chadwick, CBE, MIFireE, in his 1957 report on Glasgow Fire Brigade, says: “It has been often pointed out to me that some cities are relying more now on “999” calls, but, nevertheless, Glasgow is retaining its street fire alarm system (558 boxes) because—and this is most important—a remarkable number of people still cannot work the automatic dialing system on the telephone.” He commends to all sensible business managements the automatic thermostatic fire alarm connected with the fire brigade switchboard. Although the 7,432 calls were more than 4 per cent fewer than those in the preceding year, they were 65 per cent above the 4,500 calls received in 1948. Of the 2,678 false alarms, 815 were malicious; in this connection the brigade obtained the conviction of a man, three boys and four girls. Where…

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