Upset Aerial Righted; Continues In Use

Issue 3 and Volume 112.

Upset Aerial Righted; Continues In Use Tow trucks were used to right an aerial ladder which overturned in the early stages of a three-hour battle to extinguish a fire in a huge oil tanker at Port Tampa, Fla., last summer. The blaze broke out shortly after the 575foot Gulfdeer began unloading 8 million gallons of gasoline and oil. Chief C. F. Dreves, Tampa Fire Department, reported to FIRE ENGINEERING that his department was called to assist at the blaze outside the limits of the city. It was necessary to back the aerial down approximately 500 feet of multiple railroad tracks and to place it in position on the track bed. Because of several weeks of rainy weather, the shoulder of the bed gave way under the front and rear wheels of the tractor and trailer and the supporting jacks. Carl McAlestcr, who was at the top of the ladder when…

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