Among the Buffs

Issue 3 and Volume 112.

Among the Buffs DEPARTMENTS THE ALARM BOARDS in Washington, D. C., had been quiet for going on a month. Something was sure to pop, and soon, too, what with the cold temperatures. Pop it did shortly after one o’clock on the frosty morning of January 23, 1959. Bells rang, sirens shrieked, apparatus bolted from stations and fire buffs leaped from under their electric blankets. What was it? A two-alarmer? No, worse than that. A five-bagger? No! Well, then, what in tarnation was all the fuss about? Lester H. Steinem, honorary fire chief of the Washington, D. C., Fire Department, and founder and chief of the Friendship Fire Association, was locked in the Colorado Building and couldn’t get out! Buff Steinem, until that night, had always been on the outside looking in at rescues and fires. That night, however, Steinem was on the inside looking out as an entire battalion of…

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