Additional Information on Crash Fire Fighting

Issue 4 and Volume 112.

Additional Information on Crash Fire Fighting In the February issue a notice appeared on fire fighting within the Air Force which has caused some confusion regarding availability of the crash training. These paid fire fighting positions are open only to commissioned and enlisted members of the Air Force Reserve. If not a member of the Reserve, an applicant must join in order to participate. Since direct commissions are not being aw arded at the present time, enlistment in the Air Force Reserve is the only door open to this program. Those interested should inquire at the nearest base possessing a Reserve fire fighting vacancy. All areas do not have such vacancies. Positions are now available at the following bases: Maxwell AFB, Ala. Sacramento Air Materiel Area, Sacramento, Calif. Edwards AFB, Calif. Castle AFB, Calif. Ent AFB, Colo. Dover AFB, Dela. Orlando AFB, Fla. McCoy AFB, Fla. Scott AFB, Ill. Westover…

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