Hitch Your Mousetrap To a Cause

Issue 4 and Volume 112.

Hitch Your Mousetrap To a Cause MR. HARRINGTONis chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the Reuben H. Donnelley Corporation and president of the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce. FIRE ENGINEERING is published by the Business Papers Division of the Donnelley Corporation. ONCE UPON A TIME the man who made a better mousetrap didn’t have to look for customers. But in 1959 the best of all possible mousetraps won’t sell without a skilled publicity campaign to tell the people —and sometimes also the mice—that this indeed is the trap of the future, a superior product for discriminating mice and men. Generally this is costly. And generally it’s worth the cost. Some years ago, however, I accidentally discovered a way of securing consumer goodwill at no dollar cost. And I consider this an excellent supplement to our regular public relations program. Eight years ago, without thought of profit or…

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