the round table

Issue 4 and Volume 112.

the round table DEPARTMENTS discussion of current fire department and fire management problems Handling Gasoline Spills THIS IS THE SECOND installment of the Round Table on how fire departments handle gasoline spills. The generous response from our readers makes it necessary to carry the discussion over to the April issue. The editors will welcome any additional comments on the subject. Address replies to Round Table Editor, FIRE ENGINEERING, 305 East nth Street, New York 17, N. Y. The Discussion M. H. Sutton, Chief, Washington 1, D. C.: Our method for handling gasoline spills on highways and streets requires flushing the flammable liquid into sewers. It is supplemented by the use of foam and sand when the situation requires. We take precautions to prevent fire occurring at storm sewer discharges, sewage plants, etc., where gasoline may eventually collect. As the flow of the liquid does not flow through nearby communities, notification…

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