WHAT’S NEW Among the Manufacturers

Issue 4 and Volume 112.

WHAT’S NEW Among the Manufacturers DEPARTMENTS • products • processes • personalities Mine Safety CO Kit It is claimed the extent of carbon monoxide poisoning can be determined by testing exhaled air or a blood sample with a CO Poisoning Test Kit developed by Mine Safety Appliances Company, 201 North Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh 8, Pa. A color change produced in a tube of specially impregnated silica gel is compared with a color chart and the percentage of CO in blood is read from one of two conversion tables. The tests take from one to five minutes. The kit is supplied in a convenient carrying case. New Battery Connector Jano Machine Co., 133 East Lincoln, Escondido, Calif., has announced a “Safety Faucet” battery connector which is claimed prevents sulfation on battery tops and permits instant disconnection of battery cables. The four-piece, oil-filled contact is said to provide a mechanically secure low-resistance…

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