World-Wide Fire News

Issue 6 and Volume 112.

World-Wide Fire News Sabotage on British Carriers? On April 9, oil-fed flames swept through the heart of Britain’s atomic-age aircraft carrier Ark Royal drydocked at Plymouth. The $60 million flat-top was being refitted. Hundreds of workmen below deck escaped the clouds of oily smoke that choked the corridors of the 720-foot, 43,000-ton ship but eight workmen and four enlisted men suffered smoke inhalation during the battle to douse the flames. Firemen, wearing masks, went down slippery ladders to bring top-side nine workmen trapped near the smoke-filled boiler room where the fire originated. Plymouth Fire Chief George Drury reported the fire was confined five hours after it began. “Damage was severe” he said. Navy officials were unable to determine the amount immediately. Chief Drury said a dozen workmen were saved by a dockside crane operator. The men, trapped below decks, called for help from a porthole. The crane operator swung his…

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