Emulsify Gasoline—Don’t Push It Away!

Issue 6 and Volume 112.

Emulsify Gasoline— Don’t Push It Away! —Davidan Studio photo THE FIREMAN’S BATTLE against flammable solvents is perhaps one of the toughest of all. It challenges his nerves, mind and actions. It frequently is a frustrating experience, frustrating because he can’t effectively fight with the volume weapon he has readily available—plain water! When you are faced with a blanket of gasoline that could flash at any moment, are you reducing the hazard by pushing it around with a stream of water or are you merely moving your hazard to another area? Since oil and water don’t mix, there is the probability that while you successfully handle the immediate problem at hand with foam or water, you may unknowingly create a serious hazard elsewhere. Continued on page 499 A recent Round Table concerning methods of handling gasoline spills developed several interesting areas of discussion. One point mentioned by some chiefs was the…

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