Performance Payoff

Issue 6 and Volume 112.

Performance Payoff For the past few issues, the Round Table department has carried statements by representative fire chiefs concerning gasoline spills on streets and highways. Methods employed for coping with this hazard have been discussed in some detail. Recently Chief Edward Deignan, Elizabeth, N. J., wrote to tell us he had inadvertently overlooked sending in his contribution to the discussion, but that he had enjoyed reading the comments of his fellow chiefs. The varied points of view and suggested techniques had sharpened his thinking on the matter and had given him some good ideas for possible employment in the future. The very next day Chief Deignan was faced with the situation he had written about—a blazing tanker with gasoline flowing down a main business street in his city. This fire emergency was handled with dispatch by his forces including the salvage intact of thousands of gallons of the volatile fluid…

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