Junior Fire Marshals — Valuable Allies to Our Fire Departments

Issue 9 and Volume 112.

Junior Fire Marshals — Valuable Allies to Our Fire Departments HOME INSPECTIONS by school children will be the order of the day in millions of homes during National Fire Prevention Week. Equipped with special inspection reports, some 4,000,000 elementary school-age youngsters will qualify as junior fire marshals by searching out fire hazards in their own homes. Their reward: A realistic badge or official-looking signet ring; in many communities, a red plastic fire helmet. For schools which score the best record of home report completion, there are brightly colored cloth achievement award banners. For teachers and school officials under whose direction the program is operated, there are resource and study units correlated with the Junior Fire Marshal magazine and important calendar dates. Other exciting fire prevention materials are available through insurance agents who supply materials for three seasonal JFM campaigns during the school year—Fire Prevention Week, Christmas and Spring Clean-Up. —U.…

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