Louisville Home Fire Inspections Pay Off

Issue 9 and Volume 112.

Louisville Home Fire Inspections Pay Off IN A CONTINUOUS EFFORT to reduce the number of dwelling fires in the community, the Louisville, Ky., Fire Department, under the command of Chief John H. Krusenklaus, conducts a year-round fire inspection program. Statistics compiled by the fire prevention bureau show that prior to the institution of the program of inspection, 80 per cent of all fires occurring in that city were in residences. In addition, this type of fire has been responsible for 81 per cent of the fire deaths. The inspection system is based upon the members of each company visiting all homes in their district. To acquaint the members of the department with the objectives and the methods necessary for successfully carrying it out, the fire prevention bureau prepared an instruction pamphlet covering all phases of the work. The instructions clearly state the philosophy of home inspections and outline the duties.…

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