Fundamentals of Torque Converters

Issue 1 and Volume 113.

Fundamentals of Torque Converters All diagrams courtesy the Dana Corp. Basic operating principles of a form of “automatic transmission” rapidly gaining popularity for fire service apparatus ALTHOUGH OPERATORS of buses in the United States, Canada, parts of South America and Europe are very familiar with torque converters, their use in fire trucks has been rather recent. Based upon this fact, we will attempt in this article to cover the fundamental principles of the torque converter, and its operation in a fire truck. There are several types of converters, such as the single-stage, two-stage and three-stage. Since the three-stage type is the one currently being used in high-horsepower, custom-built fire apparatus, we will confine our analysis to this type. *Chief Engineer, Hydraulic Transmission Div., Dana Corporation. Referring to the sectional view of the Turbo-Matic transmission shown in diagram, note it is made up of four major components. From left to right…

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