How to Organize for the Atomic Age

Issue 2 and Volume 113.

How to Organize for the Atomic Age Nuclear Safety Training Specialist Safety and Fire Protection Branch Office of Health and Safety U. S. Atomic Energy Commission Much has been written on radiation hazards in fire fighting and on training fire fighters to detect and cope with these hazards. But if the fire chief or administrative official charged with the responsibility is to keep his department abreast of modern problems, he will appoint a specialist or group of specialists to a radiation unit. How does the chief set up such a unit? Mr. Brannigan answers this question in the following paragraphs which form one chapter of “Living with Radiation,” which is due to be published shortly by the Government Printing Office.—The Editors WHILE ALL the officers and men of the fire department must have a good basic understanding of hazards of radiation and precautions to be taken, it is obvious that…

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