How Much Heat Can Firemen Endure?

Issue 2 and Volume 113.

How Much Heat Can Firemen Endure? Experiments show proper training, equipment and clothing provide greater personnel protection than heretofore realized Chief Dupont is a member, Fire Training School Committee, Western Pennsylvania Firemen’s Training Institute, California State Teachers College, Pa.; instructor, Allegheny County, Pa., Fire Training School and former chief, North Braddock, Pa., Fire Department. He became interested in the problem of heat while teaching at regional Western Pennsylvania fire schools in the use of masks and in structural fire fighting techniques. Several years ago he conducted tests to determine just what the conditions were during these training sessions. The results are reported here with his own observations. TEACHING structural fire fighting and the proper use of masks under “hot” fire conditions is considered an excellent technique in most fire schools. After some years of employing the method in the Western Pennsylvania regional fire schools the question of “how much heat…

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