Issue 3 and Volume 113.

FIRE ENGINEERING I. HERBERT CASE Publisher FRANK HANIFIN, Assistant Editor EDWARD R. CLARK, Production Manager DONALD M. O’BRIEN Editor D. P. FERGUSON, Managing Editor E. B. HAPPE, Subscription Manager ALFRED J. HOUGHTON Advertising Director ROLLIN NELSON, Presentation Editor RAY M. CARACHER, Presentation Assistant FIRE ENGINEERING Is published the fifteenth of each month by Magazine Publishing Division, The Reuben H. Donnelley Corporation, 466 Lexington Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. David L. Harrington, Chairman of the Board, Gaylord Donnelley, Vice Chairman of the Board; Curtiss E. Frank, President; Donald R. Arnold. Operating Vice President; Harold P. Harper, Hamilton B. Mitchell, Giles B. McCollum, Nobel Hall, Evert F. Nelson, Edward A. O’Rorke, Schuyler D. Hoslett, James H. Evans, lewis W. Reich, Vice Presidents; Fred C. Ash, Secretary-Treasurer and General Counsel; Karl G. Clement, Controller. Edward B. Wintersteen. Executive Manager, Magazine Publishing Division. Publication Office, 109 W. Chestnut St., Lancaster, Pa. EASTERN REPRESENTATIVES:…

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