Crash Fire Fighting for Structural Firemen

Issue 3 and Volume 113.

Crash Fire Fighting for Structural Firemen LIEUTENANT GILBERT J. HAAS Official U. S. Air Force diagram Part 2—Rescue and fire fighting tactics The first installment of this article covered aircraft construction features and hazards. In conclusion, Lieutenant Haas points out some problems peculiar to military aricraft, evaluates various extinguishing agents and recomends rescue and fire fighting techniques. -THE: EDITORS GUNS MAY BE of the fixed or flexible type. Fixed guns are found in either the nose or wings. Flexible guns in turrets may be abandoned in any position. Caution should be used to stay out of the line of fire. However, unless there is a round in the chamber or a defect in the firing circuit, there is more of a tendency for the shells to “cook off” or burst in the magazine. Large-caliber ammunition reacts the same way as shrapnel when exploding. Rockets may be lost upon impact. However,…

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