Steel Cord Tires Boost Load Ratings

Issue 3 and Volume 113.

Steel Cord Tires Boost Load Ratings —winnetka F. D. photo —Firestone News Service photo TIRES, fabricated of steel cord instead of conventional nylon or rayon, are being employed to advantage by many municipalities as original equipment to increase the safety factor of emergency fire fighting apparatus. Such tires have a higher load rating than tires of conventional cord. In addition, steel cord offers a solution to the problem of overloading of tires on many existing fire trucks. In some areas, fire department officials are faced with the alternative of buying rims and wheels for larger size tires or finding a strong substitute which would fit the original rims. Rod A. Porter, fire marshal of the Village of Winnetka, 111., was faced with such a problem and found that heavy-duty tires with steel cord were an answer. “It’s traditional that no equipment is ever removed from fire apparatus, but more and…

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