Los Angeles County Fights Fire With Logistics

Issue 3 and Volume 113.

Los Angeles County Fights Fire With Logistics ROI B. WOOLLEY —All photos courtesy L.A. County F.D. THE DICTIONARIES tell us logistics is “the branch of the military science that embraces the details of moving or supplying the armies.” Business and industry popularized the term during World War II to cover such functions as procurement, storage, transportation and handling of supplies and related activities. The nation’s fire service, which is a billion dollar-plus business in itself, finds the term equally applicable to many of its operations. All fire departments practice the elements of logistics, consciously or unconsciously, in one form or another. In times of extreme emergency—disasters such as conflagration, hurricane, flood, etc., which can strike anywhere at any time—logistics plays a vital part in survival. Organizing for logistics Every well-organized fire department should have one or more persons directly responsible for procurement, storage and related functions of logistics such as…

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