Inadequate water pressure dooms Long Island hotel

Issue 5 and Volume 113.

Inadequate water pressure dooms Long Island hotel IN ITS SUNNY HEYDEY, the Nautilus Hotel at Atlantic Beach, N. Y., cast its shadow on the nearby Atlantic Ocean. Yet when it burned on March 14, water supply was a major problem. Built around 1929, the Nautilus was a seven-story building, approximately 170 x 100 feet. A two-story penthouse on the roof provided living quarters for the employees. Construction was brick on steel frame, and interior partitions were wire lath and plaster on fiber board. There was considerable wood trim within the building. Three elevator shafts, an interior fire tower and a stairway were masonry-block-enclosed. Two laundry chutes Were sealed off at all floors with the possible exception of the second floor. A standpipe system, supplied by city main and fire department connection, covered the floors from one through seven. When the building was erected, a sprinkler system was installed in the…

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