Elevator poses hazard during San Francisco alarm

Issue 5 and Volume 113.

Elevator poses hazard during San Francisco alarm A discussion of the safety features of modern self-closing doors and recommendations by the industry AN AUTOMATIC ELEVATOR—the type that has supplanted operator cars in many new buildings—nearly contributed to the death of two persons at a recent fire. At a greater alarm in a downtown San Francisco building in January, three building employees, probably out of curiosity, rode the elevator from the ground floor to the fourth floor which was the scene of the fire. As the car doors opened automatically, intense smoke rushed into the car and momentarily confused the three occupants. Pushing the button to close the doors and return to ground level resulted only in successive partial closing and reopening of the doors. One occupant remembered a stairway some 12 feet away and escaped by this exit. The other two, still panic-stricken, did not follow but called for help.…

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