Portland Modernizes Its Fire Bureau

Issue 5 and Volume 113.

Portland Modernizes Its Fire Bureau A $3-MILLION MODERNIZATION program for the Fire Bureau of Portland, Ore., is now under way. The initial planning for this program began four years ago and will not be fully accomplished for two to three more years. Over the past several decades Portland’s growth pattern has been one of merging with outlying communities. Most of these were distinct municipalities, each with its complex of commercial and residential facilities and a fire department. The areas between these annexed municipalities gradually became subdivided and thickly settled, requiring fire protection. This was provided by filling in with neighborhood stations. After World War II, population pressures developed new areas badly in need of fire protection. Portland was confronted with a pattern of fire station locations unnecessarily close in older areas, and too sparse in the new growth areas. Some stations then in use were erected 50 years or more…

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